LLC "RIN LTD" has the ability to produce and delivery to the address of your company both standard and non-standard metal enclosures and cabinets of various unit sizes made of sheet steel with thickness from 0.5 to 3 mm. Metal enclosure products are used for household purposes and for the equipping of all branches of industry (for welding machines, voltage regulators, enclosures of LV switchboards, electrotechnical and switching products, etc.). Metal products are made according to your design documentation or documentation developed by our company on the basis of requirements specification.

Our company has a wide range of metal-working equipment, large production facilities, highly qualified team of specialists in the field of metal-working. Our advantage is a quick restructuring of manufacture in the production of a new type of product that meets all the requirements of our customers.

If you have applications for the products made by our company, we are open for cooperation!