LLC "RIN LTD" produces and sells:

  • wardrobes, lockers for changing rooms and overalls, as well as cabinets for equipment;
  • industrial furniture, metal benches, equipment for car service stations, tool carts, bench tables, as well as cabinets for instruments and mounting tables on metal frame;
  • office and clerical furniture, office and filing cabinets, archive cabinets and pedestals;
  • metal shelvings, mobile and archival shelves, shelvings for warehouses, retail, mobile racks and office shelvings.

Metal wardrobe furniture produced by "RIN LTD" includes metal wardrobes for clothes (metal lockers, wardrobes) which allow to equip comfortably and aesthetically production facilities, locker rooms of sports clubs, schools and swimming pools, as well as storages.

Furniture manufacturing is performed in several steps (cutting, bending, processing, painting, drying), each operation is carefully thought out and constantly inspected on the quality issues. Our products are made of high quality metal. The product is covered with powder coating to protect it from external factors and premature corrosion which significantly extends the service life. The color of coating is determined by the customer.

The cabinets can be of collapsible or welded versions (depending on the purposes and customer requirements).

We also offer you non-standard enclosures production.

It is possible to change standard designs based on the customer's wishes.

Metal wardrobes for clothes fit perfectly into any interior - office, factory or supermarket, making it even more strict and comfortable.

The production base of our company is equipped with everything needed to design and manufacture its own metal structures, both standard and non-standard, that allows to fill orders to any atypical product. Our company is staffed with high-qualified engineers and workers that allows to produce high quality products.