Welded grating - is one of the most common building materials. Due to its characteristics, grating is used under conditions requiring high strength and reliability of the design. This kind of grating consists of mesh gratings composed of steel strips. Welded grating is manufactured using resistance welding of cross strips or rods and carrier strips. Grating is covered with a special anti-corrosion protection (hot-dip galvanizing or painted).

Grating proposed by the manufacturer "RIN Ltd" can be of different types:

  • standard;
  • with optional antislip borders chains;
  • non-standard sizes and configurations

When applying, please indicate the following parameters:

Mesh size (a x b), mm:
Specify for your project
Carrier strip (h x t), mm:
25x2; 25x3; 30х2, 30х3, 40х2, 40х3 mm
Without coating, painted or hot-dip galvanized
Size of grating:
Anyone. We produce non-standard grating, maximum size is 1500x1500 mm

a- pitch of the carrier strip

b- pitch of the cross-bar

h- height of the carrier strip

t- thickness of the carrier strip

Quality assurance

The main priority of the "RIN Ltd" operation is the quality of manufactured products and its full compliance with Ukrainian and European standards. The basic operations that allow to keep stable high quality of metal structures made by our factory are as following:

Over the years, we have found the most reliable suppliers of metal-roll which guarantee delivery within the stipulated timescale, without defects and sorting out. Even after receiving metal-roll from our approved suppliers, our experts shall be required monitoring of each batch of rolled metal on its compliance with the stated metal grade, a visual inspection for damage etc.

Hot-dip galvanizing provides corrosion protection even at very high humidity for many years.

Metal grating applications:

  • civil engineering (fire escapes, passages, etc.);
  • gas industry;
  • chemical industry;
  • shipbuilding industry;
  • industrial construction (platforms, passages, overpasses, bridges);
  • oil industry;
  • agriculture;
  • creation of architectural forms.

Advantages of grating:

  • high strength;
  • high load-carrying capacity;
  • ease of installing / uninstalling;
  • suitable for all climatic conditions;
  • easy replacement of separate elements of the structure;
  • aesthetic appearance;
  • optimal ease with high carrying capacity;
  • high anti-slip properties;
  • possibility of producing grills according to customer drawings with borders, frames, cutouts.

Welded grating from the manufacturer “RIN LTD” which is available on our website has a perfect price - quality ratio. If you want to get detailed information about the product you are interested, or to learn more about the technology and features of the welded metal grating, please contact our consultants. We deliver our products to any region or city in Ukraine (as well as in the CIS countries and Europe) as soon as possible!

LLC "RIN Ltd" offers a unique turnkey solution in the form of service areas, passages and stairs of high-strength grating and light metal fencing. Stair steps are equipped with anti-skid angles and side mounting bars with round holes. Anti-skid angle provides additional operation safety, since the maximum load is at the front of the step, and anti-skid holes of side bars ensure stability when moving.

We are looking for an approach to each client, and, depending on the complexity of manufacture and quantity, delivery time varies. Specify deadlines when ordering.

Welded grating is supplied on wooden pallets or bars and pulled with a steel or polyester packing tape.