листовая обработка металла в украине


Steel structures manufacturer LLC “RIN LTD” specializes in complex processing of metal. Our production center allows to perform metal processing using high-precision imported equipment and the newest technologies.

Cooperating with our diversified enterprise you get a full range of services with a guarantee of quality. Full metalworking production cycle allows you to significantly reduce the time to find all the necessary services and save your financial costs.

We have equipped by workshop and warehouse premises with a total area of over 3,000 m2 to perform all the necessary works and store manufactured products in a proper way.

We permorm common and high-precision cutting of sheet metal on the workpieces according to the specified dimensions.

High-precision bending of sheets of varying difficulties is made by hydraulic presses. The maximum bending length is 2500 mm, thickness of metal – from 0.5 mm to 6 mm, the bending angle of 30o to 180o.

Currently, hydraulic press brakes are widely used in the manufacture of roll-formed profile: angles, channels, additional elements, all kinds of non-standard shaped sections.

Also we perform welding works of any complexity.

Coordinate Punching CNC machine performs the followings:

  • perforating the sheet,
  • punching (when the sheet is the result of processing),
  • cutting (where waste is the result of processing),
  • stamping,
  • countersink,
  • forming,
  • stamping and hot pressing (…??? sheets).

Metal punching must attract a special attention. Perforated metal is a decorative and functional material!

The choice in favor of perforated metal sheets in various areas gives additional benefits: weight reduction, noise reduction or acoustic effects, ventelation, fire safety, vandal resistance, wear resistance, etc.

Our company has a workshop of mechanical processing of metal where we perform turning, milling, drilling and other works.

All produced metal structures and products are of high quality and precision products.

We work in close cooperation with the customer. Almost at every stage of filling the order for steel structures manufacture, we are ready to review and make changes to the project with minimum losses for the customer and the costs for production.

We are ready to produce metal structures of any complexity according to your drawings and sketches.

We are ready to produce metal structures of any complexity according to your drawings and sketches.

Design Office design non-standard metal structures to individual orders.


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