LLC “RIN LTD” has worked on the market of Ukraine and CIS countries since 13 august 1993.

Stages of the company development during this period can be characterized as a progress from the intermediary to supply and marketing and production activities.

LLC “RIN LTD” has manufactured steel constructions and metalwares since 2001 and up to our days has been a leader in the production of such goods in this field.

Our motto is: “Excellent quality at a reasonable price!”

At the moment, thanks to the purchase of new, modern equipment and highly qualified employees, our company is able to produce a variety of high quality products and to provide services for high-precision processing of metal sheet.

We are confident that the high quality of our products is the key to a successful and fruitful activity of the LLC “RIN LTD”.

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69600, Украина, г. Запорожье, ул. Северное шоссе 20Е, ООО «РИН ЛТД»