Металлические кассеты (контейнеры)

The company LLC “RIN LTD” offers metal cassettes (containers) of its own production for transportation and storage of 4, 6, 8, 12 gas cylinders. It is possible to manufacture a container according to individual sizes with different capacities. 

The cassette is a rigid metal structure that provides high reliability, durability and ease of transportation and storage of cylinders with any industrial gases (oxygen, nitrogen, argon, etc.).

The design of the container makes the most convenient and fast loading and unloading of containers on any type of transport. The container can be loaded with a crane or a forklift.

For quick loading and unloading of cylinders, a folding ramp is provided on the front wall of the container, along which they are rolled up – rolled out. The tailgate is easily and securely fixed in the upper transport position.

Benefits of these cassettes:

  • Convenience of transportation of a large number of cylinders (when storing cylinders “piecewise” there is a possibility of their overturning, rolling, hitting each other);
  • Ease of loading cylinders into a container.
  • Transport up to twelve gas cylinders at once.
  • The cylinders are securely fixed and protected from mechanical damage (the basket frame provides additional protection for stored cylinders).
  • Convenience of loading (unloading) for any type of transport.
  • Reduced time for loading and unloading operations.
  • There is no need to install fasteners in holds or bodies, as when transporting cylinders “piecewise”.

Coating types: hot-dip galvanized, primer, enamel, powder paint, uncoated.