Sheet metal processing in Ukraine

Sheet metal is a common and popular material suitable for the manufacture of various structures in the field of mechanical engineering, construction of buildings, the creation of modern technology and other needs. Frankly, no industry is complete without the use of sheet material.

People learned to process this material in ancient times, making jewelry, utensils, weapons, locks and other household items from it. But if earlier raw materials were processed exclusively by hand, today sheet metal processing in Ukraine automated. Production workers only control the operation of specialized machines, thus, the cost of human labor is significantly reduced, and efficiency is increased.

Sheet metal processing, Zaporozhye: processing steps

For the company “RIN Ltd”sheet metal processing (Zaporozhye) Is one of the priority sectors of activity. We have been processing raw materials for over 20 years, offering customers a wide range of services. As for the sheet material, the process of finishing it is a difficult and responsible task. It consists of several equally important stages, each of which we will consider further.

So sheet metalmetalworking in Ukraine includes the following actions:

  • Cutting – carried out with a hand tool or a machine specially designed for this, according to a preliminary sketch.
  • Perforation is the process of creating holes of a certain shape, diameter in a sheet, sometimes also called punching.
  • Felling – metal processing in Ukraine by separating billets on external closed circuits.
  • Bending – the so-called stage of manufacturing a part from sheet material, during which bending of parts of the sheet in accordance with the sketch into the desired shape is performed.
  • Rolling – needed to give the whole sheet a cylindrical shape. Rolling sheet metal Zaporozhye often interested in the production of large metal objects in the form of a cylinder.
  • Stamping of sheet metal to order Zaporizhia
    metal processing is performed using pressure on the sheet blanks.
  • Welding – the creation of a single structure from homogeneous and heterogeneous parts by welding with a special apparatus. After welding, the structure is ready for operation in industry or everyday life.
  • Decoration is an optional step, it depends on the requirements of the customer and the industry for which processing is performed.

Metalworking in Ukraine sheet metal from “RIN Ltd”

Qualitymetal processing – price high reputation of the enterprise. The company “RIN Ltd” offers the services of responsible, reliable and qualified professionals with rich experience and skills acquired over the years. Given that the procedure is a painstaking, complex, lengthy work that requires maximum accuracy, concentration from experts to achieve the ideal result, you should be sympathetic to the pricing policy of the company.

Professionalhigh precision metalworking in “RIN Ltd” is estimated based on the complexity of the task, time costs, raw materials used. So, a figured, decorated product will cost more than a simple standard metal box for storage. In any case, having familiarized yourself with the prices of some other companies, you will see that our price is quite affordable and reasonable.

If you needed metal processing (Zaporozhye), You can call the numbers indicated on the website for additional advice. The manager will answer all your questions, provide information about all stages of processing, deadlines, cost and delivery options. For whatever industry you need metalworking (price individually negotiated), RIN Ltd specialists will do the job exactly with the task, providing an impeccable option on favorable, transparent conditions.

Call now to discuss the details of future cooperation.

Sheet metal processing in Ukraine: favorable price

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