Лазерная резка металла на ЧПУ

Laser cutting of metal

Today, one of the advanced technologies in the direction of cutting sheet metal is laser cutting. This is a highly accurate and relatively expensive procedure, requiring professionalism and cutting-edge equipment. Today laser cutting of metal in Ukraine opens up unlimited possibilities for the customer: work is carried out at all levels of complexity promptly and reliably. Signs, logos, souvenirs, metal parts, electronic panels, machine parts – this is only a small part of the list of all the possibilities of laser cutting.

Laser cutting of metal in Ukraine, Zaporizhia

At the enterprise “RIN Ltd”laser cutting of metal (Zaporozhye) performed on high-precision equipment with CNC of the latest generation. The principle of operation of such machines is quite simple: acting on a metal locally, the laser absorbs the upper layer. When heated to the melting temperature, active gas is supplied, which performs a number of important functions:

  • Maintaining a stable metal temperature during combustion, which contributes to an increase in the depth and speed of the cut.
  • High-quality cleaning of the cut, which is necessary to obtain a smooth, even edge.
  • Cooling metal sections adjacent to the impact site.

Considering that laser metal cutting in Ukraine only gaining popularity, there are a fairly limited number of companies that can competently work with a laser machine and implement a high-quality result. Therefore, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the offer of RIN Ltd, which offers truly highly professional services.

Laser metal cutting in Ukraine: the advantages of RIN Ltd

Today laser cutting of metal – price receiving an unprecedentedly high-quality sheet, regardless of the level of complexity of the order. The enterprise “RIN Ltd” offers ample opportunities for the implementation of various ideas related to the design of metal sheets. Our advantages:

  • Almost non-waste production of sheet metal parts.
  • Unlimited difficulty levels of the cut line.
  • Microscopic error of not more than 0.1 mm.
  • Perfect quality.
  • Reduces machining costs thanks to a perfect cut.
  • Operational calculation and execution of the order.

In our company custom laser cutting is carried out in accordance with leading international standards, using high-tech equipment. Moreover, the cost of services due to virtually waste-free production is affordable to almost every customer.

The target audience of RIN Ltd is both large industrial giants and private customers – from designers to auto mechanics. Designers relevant art laser cutting of metal to expand the possibilities of decoration. Workshop workers are also interested in the details of the correct forms. As for such an industry as radio electronics, where the slightest inaccuracies in the elements can lead to the complete failure of all equipment, it is difficult to overestimate the need for high-quality cutting in this case.

Custom laser cutting: affordable price

A question that concerns everyone who is interested in laser metal cutting – price, and RIN Ltd is ready to demonstrate the most loyal pricing policy for large and small customers. To verify the best conditions, it is enough to familiarize yourself with the prices of some other companies, which often offer lower quality at inflated prices.

Our experts do their best to laser metal cutting (Zaporozhye) for it was carried out as efficiently as possible, reliably, accurately. Call now for more details.

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