Профиль С-образный

C-shaped mounting profiles

In modern construction, perforated metal profiles have become widespread, the scope of which is very wide. With its help, modern building systems, suspended and supporting structures, air ducts, cable networks, water supply and heating pipes are mounted. Also, custom-made metal mounting profiles are used in the construction of frame structures, rack systems. Perforation allows you to easily attach the profile to other surfaces and adjust the dimensions of the systems.

The product is based on galvanized steel sheet. It is the zinc coating that allows the product to be used both outside and inside the premises. The profile is highly resistant to atmospheric fluctuations, precipitation, temperature differences.

The enterprise “RIN LTD” offers to buy a perforated mounting profile 2 meters long. This length is considered optimal for ease of use, but if you need a product according to individual parameters, the company’s specialists can make such an option. Of course, the price for a perforated mounting profile will differ when ordering a standard and individual design.

Order the mounting perforated profile online “RIN LTD” on favorable terms!

For enterprises that manufacture various metal structures and value their reputation, it is important to comply with all the provided rules in the production process. Only in this case the finished products will be strong, wear-resistant and durable. LLC “RIN LTD” guarantees the quality of metal structures. Our galvanized C-shaped profile (mounting traverse) can be purchased with a quality guarantee.

Delivery is carried out in all regions of Ukraine. If you want to clarify any nuances of the transaction, familiarize yourself with the characteristics of products, find out the cost and order a mounting profile, call the phones indicated on the website. With us, Zaporozhye can buy a C-shaped assembly profile at the best cost and with delivery as soon as possible.

The main parameters are presented in the table 1.

Table 1 – C-shaped profiles

Designation Channel dimensions, mm Cell   dimensions, mm Theor. weight, kg
Base Height Board Thickness Length Width Length Step
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
К108 40 20 10 2 2000 8 32 65 2,61
К110 80 40 22 2 2000 8 32 65 8,51

Note. Theoretical weight may differ from actual weight upon shipment. Weight depends on the size and number of cells.

By agreement with the customer, it is allowed to change the size, pitch and direction of the cells, make other modifications of the profiles.