Подвески металлические

Suspensions К340, К341, К342, К1164, К1165, К1166, К1167 – Suspensions are used to install heat-resistant partitions between horizontal rows of cables. One end of the suspension is mounted on a shelf, the other on a cable rack.

The main parameters are presented in the table. 1.

Table 1 – Pendants

Designation Designation 



Dimensions Thickness, mm

Theoretical weight, kg

Radius, mm

Angle, °

Length,  mm


2 3 4 5



К240 10 2 0,03


К240 18 2



К240 25 2



К1160 115 150 2 0,07
К1165 К1161 109 240 2



К1162 102 330 2 0,13
К1167 К1163 100 420 2


Uninterrupted and safe power supply of the enterprise is one of the conditions for production efficiency. High-quality and quick installation by specialists of electrical equipment ensures the absence of delays in starting production lines and compliance with the necessary fire safety standards. Customized cable suspension for production – a necessary element of a highly efficient electric energy supply system when laying cables “over the air”. This implementation not only speeds up installation work, but also gives ergonomics and aesthetics of lines, facilitates repair procedures in case of emergency.

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At an affordable cost, cable suspension can be ordered in Ukraine for any supply volumes from our experts. This is a guarantee:

  • production energy security;
  • a significant reduction in final prices for installation work;
  • superior product quality, corrosion resistance, unsurpassed structural strength at significant loads;
  • longevity of operation;
  • Compliance with fire safety standards for the production process and employee safety;
  • aesthetics of cable lines and systems in general.

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Note. Theoretical weight may differ from actual weight upon shipment.