Крепи шахтные

Reliable maintenance of mine workings is a key task in ensuring the smooth and economical functioning of mines. Widespread use  arch compliant roof supports with open soil – a prerequisite for the need to improve their designs.

Support arch A3, A4, A5

Support pliable metal arched is used for fastening preparatory and capital workings in the mines of Kuzbass. The support is a ductile metal arch and the support with a reverse arch is fed into the workings to prevent collapse and swelling in weak unstable rocks and the surrounding coal mass, and to maintain the required dimensions of the workings. The developments secured by this lining are used for: transporting coal using belt and scraper conveyors, rolling stock, ventilation, movement of people, delivery of equipment and materials. The lining is made in climatic conditions. At the placement category 5 GOST 15150.

Explanation of the symbol of the lining:

КМП-А3 – support metal pliable arched three-link;

КМП-А4 – support metal pliable arched four-link;

КМП-А5 – five-link arched metal support lining (based on the KMP-A3 three-link lining, has additional rectilinear links that extend the racks, one for each rack).

Lock connections

The main link of frame metal roof supports, which provide operation in a compliant mode and determine their bearing capacity, is the roof support profile and the castle connection.

The reliability requirements of the lining characterize the indicators of strength and stability of the flexible nodes of the lining. Locks of locks consist of brackets, levels and nuts. In ZMK locks, a curved bar made of rocket is used, in ZPK locks – a curved bar stamped from a strip 12 and 16 mm thick, and in ZPK locks – a straight bar from a sidewall of an SVP profile 17; 22; 27; 33 or from a strip 160×60 mm and 18×60 mm.