профили Z-образные

The zet profile is intended for the manufacture of various designs for electrical work. They are made of steel with paint and varnish and zinc coating. The perforated steel Z-mounting profile is designed for mounting structures of various types during electrical installation work. Most often produced in strips of 2 meters long.

The main parameters are presented in the table 1.

Table 1 – Z-shaped profiles


Profile dimensions, mm Cell   dimensions, mm

Theoretical mass, kg


Step Thickness Length Width Length



68 30 2 2000 8 32 65 4,48
К239 97 40 2 2000 8 32 65



62 40 2 2000 8 32 65


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Profile z shaped perforated price is available!


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Note. Theoretical weight may differ from actual weight upon shipment. Weight depends on the size and number of cells.

By agreement with the customer, it is allowed to change the size, pitch and direction of the cells, make other modifications of the profiles.