Оцинкованный просечно-вытяжной лист

Galvanized expanded metal sheet

– This is a fairly rare type of product. It is difficult to find galvanized PVL in Ukraine.
Plant “RIN LTD” produces expanded metal cards from 500×1500 mm to 1250×3500.
The dimensions of the PVL are considered standard:

  • 1000х2000 mm,
  • 1000х2500 mm,
  • 1250х1000 mm,
  • 1250х2500 mm.

The thickness of the workpiece is 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm.
Feed pitch 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm.

Zinc coating on expanded metal sheet

We do not produce PVL from galvanized sheet. We produce a expanded metal sheet from hot rolled steel, and then we give the finished PVL to galvanizing.
PVL is immersed in molten zinc, thus achieving maximum corrosion protection.
This is the only method that provides a coating thickness of 320 g / m2 (70 microns).
Galvanized expanded metal in this way can last more than 50 years in a normal environment.

Zinc will turn gray over time, will not shine, but will continue to protect steel from corrosion.
This coating is also called “Hot Zinc”.
The weight of the expanded sheet in this case increases from 4% to 6%.
The amount of adhering zinc depends on the chemical composition of the steel from which the expanded metal sheet is made.

How to distinguish hot zinc from electroplating

Hot Dip Galvanizing

– This is the immersion of the sheet in molten zinc. Coating thickness from 320 g / m to 600 g / m2. A surface with small influxes of zinc.

Electrochemical galvanizing

– electroplating. Zinc is applied electrochemically. Zinc molecules adhere to the product (cathode). The surface is thin 5-15 g / m2. The surface is smooth and shiny.

The price of galvanized expanded metal

The difference between the weight of galvanized glazed sheet and expanded metal sheet without coating is 4-6%. Galvanized PVL is 1.6-2 times more expensive, but the customer receives a durable aesthetic product. And there is no need for painting.

PVL galvanized in application

The only minus of the galvanized perforated sheet is that during welding the zinc burns out and the welding points must be tinted right away. Or leave it as it is, and the point of corrosion will not be critical for the entire surface of the PVL.

Galvanized sheet used

  • in close proximity to the sea or ocean (salty, moist air destroys steel).
  • in aggressive environments (vapors of ammonia and other compounds that destroy metal) in chemical plants, fertilizer processing plants, etc.
  • for design purposes.
  • to create light-scattering structures.
  • for the production of containers for long-term use.

Expanded metal manufacturing deadlines

We do not store galvanized sheet in the warehouse, but produce for each specific order. If we have finished uncoated PVL in our warehouse, then in 7 days we can cover it with zinc. It all depends on the size and quantity of the cut sheet.