Тара металлическая

One of the priority areas of activity of LLC “RIN LTD” is metal containers – buying various products directly from the manufacturer is much more profitable than ordering them through intermediaries. The widespread use of metal containers leads to an increase in the scale of its production. The required products are in many modern branches of activity – industry, trade, everyday life.

Main products from this section: 

When choosing products, buyers pay special attention to their appearance and functionality. Therefore, the production of metal containers (Ukraine) in “RIN LTD” is aimed at improving products in all basic parameters. The decisive criteria when choosing are strength, chemical resistance, ease of transportation.

Only good, high-quality packaging (container) will allow the contents to remain intact and safe, without fear of external influences. When using metal as a raw material, finished products acquire a lot of advantages:

  • impact resistance;
  • chemical resistance;
  • tightness;
  • moisture resistance;
  • resistance to internal pressure;
  • aesthetics;
  • compactness.

How to order metal containers from RIN LTD?

The enterprise “RIN LTD” is distinguished by a responsible attitude to each task, therefore, the manufacture of metal containers (Zaporozhye) is carried out in accordance with all established norms, procedures, standards. Automated control, the latest equipment, total control allows you to create containers of closed, open types, mesh boxes, pallets, cylinders, monoblocks, bins and other products.

Modern production of metal containers (Zaporozhye) is aimed at providing everyone with high-quality boxes that can accommodate all liquids, substances, objects. We manufacture products according to standard or individual orders, uncoated or galvanized, primed, painted.

We guarantee that the price of metal containers (Ukraine) will not make you regret your choice! Order quality products in Zaporozhye and other regions of Ukraine.

All containers produced by our company can be supplied with various types of coating: hot-dip galvanized, primed, paint, uncoated.

It is possible to manufacture non-standard containers on an individual order.