Контейнер мультилифт

Containers are used for the collection, storage and transportation of various goods, including construction materials and bulky waste. The bins are designed to be serviced by a multi-lift system (hook-lift) and comply with European standards. The containers are equipped with tarpaulin hooks and a door lock. To protect against corrosion, the surface of containers is primed and painted in any color at the request of the customer. The height of the side, the length of the container, the height of the hook, the thickness of the side and bottom, the number of stiffeners are parameters that can be changed according to the client’s requirements. Our company manufactures containers of any design, including custom-made ones.

For the convenience of transportation, storage, collection of goods, special structures are used, which are serviced by a multi-lift system. It is a loading and unloading mechanism equipped with a hydraulic drive and a hook grip. Often, such a system is installed on a vehicle chassis, thus transforming the vehicle into a transportable equipment.

Today it will not be difficult to buy a multi-lift container in Ukraine. It is installed on the surface of the system, securely attached thanks to special mounting accessories, and just as easily removed if necessary. The use of containers is very popular at large enterprises involved in transportation, export, import of goods, in particular, heavy, oversized. For a container multilift in Ukraine, the price depends on the material used in the manufacture, parameters and features of operation.

 The RIN LTD company offers a lot of possible options for metal structures at the most favorable prices. You can buy a custom-made container for a multi-lift from us according to the parameters provided in advance. 

The product manufactured by RIN LTD has the following characteristics:

  • Strength. The container can withstand bulky cargo, resistant to mechanical damage of various kinds.
  • Durability. The structure can be used for many years without fear of deformation or other damage.
  • Resistance to atmospheric precipitation. The container is protected from corrosion and the negative effects of weather, as well as temperature fluctuations.
  • Tightness. Moisture and dust will not get inside the box, so your cargo will be completely safe.

Buy a container for metal for a car multilift 

Advertisements “I will buy a container for metal for a multi-lift car” are found everywhere. There is no need to spend more time and effort searching for the right container, RIN LTD is ready to offer a wide range of both standard designs and those created according to special parameters specified by the customer.

You can consult about ordering containers, the company’s managers will provide all the information you need, name the time and cost of work, as well as the terms of payment and delivery. It is easy and quick to buy a multi-lift for production in Zaporozhye from us!