стойки кабельные К 1150, К1151, К1152, К1153, К1154, К1155

Cable racks

In order to secure the safe, efficient and superior cable attachment, it is necessary to buy cable strips – in Ukraine, one of the shortest points of sale є the company “RIN LTD”. We will provide you with practical constructions made in accordance with all existing standards. The manufacturer guarantees the following advantages of the elements:

  • exceptional versatility of mounting, application;
  • installation is simple and fast;
  • increased bearing capacity;
  • wide range of execution models.

Cable racks K1150, K1151, K1152, K1153, K1154, K1155 differ in several parameters – weight, size, dimensions. They are used together with shelves, brackets, fastened with a special key. Up to 44 mounting holes per product.

Order cable racks online

The company “RIN LTD” offers to buy racks for cable laying in a fairly wide range. We have presented all possible versions, thanks to which you can mount wiring and cables neatly, firmly and safely.

In most of the cases presented, the product is a prefabricated metal structure used in the process of laying material along the surface of walls or free-standing vertical objects. This section of our catalog contains standard models, among which each customer can choose the best option. However, if desired, we will organize the production of parts according to individual parameters. If you need o order stands for a power wire with a certain pitch, direction of cells, size, you just need to inform the company manager.

A question that often worries customers is the cost of products. Thanks to our own production, well-oiled processes and constant improvement, such a product as a cable rack can be bought in Zaporozhye at a very reasonable cost. We adhere to price loyalty, providing customers with quality material on favorable terms.

Call and order stands for cable laying right now!

The main parameters are presented in the table 1.

Table 1 – Racks

Designation Stand dimensions, mm Cell dimensions, mm Theoretical mass, kg
Base Shelf height Thickness Length Width  Height Step
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
К1150 60 26 2 400 40 18 50 0,56
К1151 60 26 2 600 40 18 50 0,84
К1152 60 26 2 800 40 18 50 1,12
К1153 60 26 2 1200 40 18 50 1,68
К1154 60 26 2 1800 40 18 50 2,51
К1155 60 26 2 2200 40 18 50 3,07

Note. The theoretical weight may differ from the actual weight upon shipment.

By agreement with the customer, it is allowed to change the size, pitch and direction of the cells, make other modifications of the profiles.