Ограждение 11ДД

Double-sided metal 11DD group type road barriers are installed along the axis of the dividing strip in four-lane traffic.

Standard type:

11DD-2 — rack pitch 2 m., beam section thickness 3 mm.;

11DD-4 — rack pitch 4 m., beam section thickness 4 mm.

The components of the road barrier group 11DD:

  1. – Beam section, BS-1
  2. – The stand is road, SR-3
  3. – Spreader console, SC
  4. – Staple, S
  5. – Retroreflective element, RE
  6. – End element, EE
  7. – Bolt M16 GOST 7802
  8. – Bolt М16 GOST 7805
  9. – Nut М16 GOST 5915
  10. – Washer 16 GOST 11371

Barrier protection road 11DD from the producer “RIN LTD” is a modern, effective way to ensure maximum traffic safety of automobile transport. Under the influence of weather conditions, unforeseen circumstances that can affect the technical condition of a moving car, the human factor is not uncommon for a vehicle to leave the highway. Our constructions reliably hold the object, preventing critical consequences and absorbing the impact force due to the elastoplastic deformation of the materials used in the production.

Safety on the road will help to provide 11DD barrier fencing. RIN LTD offers to buy it. Similar structures are installed on a four-lane road along the dividing axis line. The following options are available as standard:

  • 11DD-2;
  • 11DD-4.

In the first case, the section thickness is 3 mm and the strut pitch is 2 m. In the second case, the thickness is 4 mm and the step is 4 m. The 11DD type barrier consists of sections of beams, a spacer console, a road strut, a bracket, retroreflective and end elements. Bolts, nuts and washers are used as fasteners. 

What is the barrier fencing intended for?

Traffic accidents on modern roads are not uncommon. They can occur due to weather conditions, some unforeseen circumstances, the driver himself. A vehicle that has lost control can easily fly off the track, fall into a ditch, which can cause a lot of unpleasant minutes for the driver, passengers and other road users. 

The installed set of metal structures of the barrier fence (mark 11DD) is capable of taking out a blow of great strength, preventing the machine from flying into the oncoming lane or outside the route. The materials used in the manufacture of barriers have elastoplastic properties, which makes it possible to absorb the impact force in a collision.

To order a barrier fence 11DD in RIN LTD

No one is safe from emergencies, but the road barrier 11DD from the manufacturer RIN LTD can significantly reduce the risks of tragic consequences. In the manufacture of barriers, high-quality raw materials, cutting-edge equipment and the wide experience of production workers are used. All this allows us to guarantee the high quality of the finished product.

The barrier fence is characterized by great strength, durability, resistance to various weather disasters. Thanks to the coating, the metal is not subject to corrosion. It is also resistant to low and high temperatures. 

The price for the 11DD road fence is quite affordable. You can order the right amount of design with delivery to the specified address. Assistance in the installation of barriers is possible.

Metal Barrier 11DD of the highest quality “RIN LTD” – a guarantee of a significant reduction in the tragic consequences of an emergency! The presented products strictly comply with the safety standards of EN standards, are made from proven, high-tech raw materials, have design features that prevent injuries to persons driving and inside the car. Make roads safe!

Metal Barrier 11DD: high quality and profitable!

Every year familiar to motorists and prudently installed “chippers” effectively prevent tragic situations on hundreds of roads. Responsible for traffic safety structures rationally and meticulously choose a one-way type buy 11DD barrier fence RIN LTD offers the best products! Our models have a specialized coating that prevents corrosion processes, the necessary retroreflective elements, are reliable assembly.

Choosing the necessary equipment that provides comfort and prevents the grave consequences of emergency excesses on the tracks, you should only cooperate with trusted manufacturers that guarantee not only acceptable the cost of barrier fences 11DD, but also:

  • absolute safety of the barrier provided by the reliability of the structures, the integrity of the assembly, the absence of separation of the elements of the product;
  • sufficient height, preventing the intersection of vehicles interacting with the fence or moving it towards the car stream;
  • continuity of connection of parts of the finished barrier;
  • the same height of the product throughout.

Make roads safe!

Hurry 11DD barrier fence to buy on time!

Our products save the lives and property of car owners! Get the perfect road fence 11DD price from “RIN LTD” is incredibly accessible, call!