Контейнер закрытого типа

We offer for delivery a wide range of closed metal containers.

Closed containers with a hinged lid are used for moving and storing large loads, hardware, industrial waste, shavings.

The container can be with a hinged front wall, which partially opens due to the rotation of the hinged lid around a horizontally welded axis nа 1800.

When closed, the hinged cover is fixed to the corner profiles using a plate or rod.
Our company is engaged in the manufacture of any metal container for individual customer requirements and with any type of coating.

Looking for where to buy a closed container KZT-1 in Zaporozhye? The RIN LTD company offers its services in the production and delivery of products. Such structures are used for storage, transportation, collection of various goods. It can be industrial waste, bulky cargo, shavings, hardware. 

You can buy a closed container for production with a hinged lid or front wall. In the second case, the wall is opened due to the rotation of the cover around a special welded horizontal axis. The cover has retainers, which are a bar or plates. They allow you to maintain the tightness of the container during transportation. 

Features of closed containers 

The company RIN LTD is engaged in the manufacture of metal containers by metal processing. Distinctive features of the finished product are:

  • Durability. The container can be used reusable, transporting various goods in it.
  • Strength. The box is not afraid of mechanical damage, does not suffer from prolonged use.
  • Persistence. The metal layer of the container is coated with a special paint that protects against corrosion. Also, the product perfectly tolerates temperature extremes and can be stored both in cool and hot conditions.

You can buy a closed-type metal container (Zaporozhye) made of a metal sheet with a thickness of 3-4 mm. The bottom of the structure is made more durable than the walls. To strengthen the connections, profile pipes and channels are used. 

How to order a closed container in Ukraine?

Many large and small industries want to buy closed containers for waste disposal, transportation of important goods in a sealed box. RIN LTD offers to do this. 

Today, the price for a closed container in Ukraine fluctuates widely. RIN LTD is ready to offer the best price among competitors, the highest quality, prompt production time and fast delivery in all regions.

Our managers will always help to purchase a closed container to order (Ukraine), advising the client on all issues.