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Having our own production base allows us to quickly and efficiently solve pressing problems, providing customers with reliable, durable steel structures – to buy everyone can on attractive terms.

The main products from this section: 
Решетчатый настил
Custom grating steps Slatted flooring ...

To buy metalwork in Ukraine

The enterprise “RIN LTD” offers universal to buy metal structures buy metal structures:

  • mining industry;
  • metallurgical;
  • oil and gas;
  • chemical;
  • pulp;
  • woodworking etc.

Buy metalware – quality metal products in Ukraine

Not a single enterprise of large or small scale can do without various metal products and structures. Therefore, the products of RIN LTD are always relevant and in demand. For many years, the company’s specialists have been manufacturing various metal items to order. Thanks to the accumulated experience, constant development, and improvement in the industry, today we are able to manufacture any product according to the individual parameters of the customer.

Production of metal cases – Zaporozhye

Today you can order the necessary part, design, metal product at different plants, but not all of them can be trusted. Not all enterprises can provide a 100% guarantee on manufactured products. The company “RIN LTD” is responsible for the work, providing high-quality finished products to large and small industrial facilities, private enterprises.

Varied metal products in Ukraine are widely in demand. Customers are willing to pay big money to get the appropriate quality. But in the case of our company this is not necessary. At a low cost of finished structures, RIN LTD guarantees impeccable quality, strength, reliability, durability and safety of manufactured products. The price of metal structures only pleases. Over the years, we have repeatedly confirmed the status of a responsible partner aimed at transparent cooperation with customers, and value the reputation, which is expressed in the quality of manufactured products.

To buy steel metal structures and metal products in Ukraine

Before buy hardware in our company, we offer you to familiarize yourself with the list of advantages:

  • Ultramodern equipment has been installed at the plant, which allows us to cope with the most complex orders.
  • All production employees are experienced specialists with a high level of qualification.
  • Before entering work, all materials for production undergo a thorough quality control.
  • Enterprise suppliers are trusted and trusted partners.
  • Affordable cost of products allows buy metal structures in Ukraine to all comers.
  • All orders are executed as soon as possible, agreed upon at the conclusion of the contract.
  • Production can quickly adapt to the production of a new type of product, which eliminates any difficulties.

The company “RIN LTD” is able to meet the needs of all customers in high-quality metal, products and structures made of steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Order hardware right now, providing the initial requirements and tasks to our specialists.