изготовление перильного пешеходного ограждения запорожье

Walkway Fencing

In the company “RIN LTD”production of railings (Zaporozhye) made of stainless steel. The design itself is part of a road safety system designed for pedestrian safety. The fence acts as an artificial limiter, consists of a frame, racks, railings, other materials used for these purposes, the most common is stainless steel. It is incredibly strong, durable, has outstanding performance, which makes footpath fencing durable and wear resistant. Another advantage of the material is its resistance to corrosion, cracking, drying. The railing does not need additional painting. At the same time, the cost of such a design is low and even the most economical client will like it. In the company “RIN LTD” on pedestrian fences price remains as affordable as possible.

Why choose fencing from RIN LTD?

Today, many metal processing companies offer customers the manufacture of various parts to order. There is a significant demand for technical road fences for pedestrians. RIN LTD has extensive experience in the production of these structures, so it will do everything at the highest level in the shortest possible time and at a reasonable cost.

The company’s services should be used for several reasons:

  • На заказ railings for pedestrian crossings are carried out as quickly as possible, with strict observance of the terms specified in the contract. This is the key to collaboration.
  • The production uses high quality raw materials that meet all standards, which ensures the durability, durability and reliability of structures.
  • Low stainless steel railing cost also an important selection criterion. Significantly saving without loss of quality, you can install a protective system with a long service life.

Make an order right now – the company will manufacture the structures in the right quantity as quickly and reliably as possible.

Production of road railing (pedestrian) fencing, in accordance with the requirements of DSTU B V.2.3-11-2004. Railing railings are a technical means of arranging roads, streets, and artificial structures to prevent pedestrians from entering the danger zone. Consists of racks, frame, railing and handrails.

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