Сетчатые контейнеры

Metal mesh containers are used to transport and store heavy goods. Due to their design and characteristics, metal containers are a versatile solution for storing a wide variety of products, both packaged and loose.

The high structural strength of the container makes them easy to stack and provides secure storage for heavy loads. Metal mesh containers have become very popular in the storage of spare parts, technical fluids and lubricants.

Benefits of using company mesh containers “RIN LTD”:

  • withstand heavy loads
  • strength of the metal structure
  • convenience of loading and unloading
  • stackable
  •  folds easily to save space

To facilitate loading operations, the mesh container can be equipped with folding walls, which makes it possible to efficiently use the space in the warehouse if the containers are not full. Warehouse mesh containers also have mobile versions, made using an additional wheeled platform, which makes it possible to significantly expand the scope of their application.

The production of mesh containers is carried out from a metal rod of a small diameter, and the technology of high-temperature powder coating is used for painting. If you want to buy a mesh container of non-standard overall dimensions, we are also ready to accept such an order and take into account all your wishes.