контейнер для мультилифта от производителя «РИН ЛТД»

     The closed type allows you to use a container for collecting small-sized waste. The bins are designed to be serviced by a multi-lift system (hook-lift) and comply with European standards. To protect against corrosion, the surface of containers is primed and painted in any color at the request of the customer. The height of the side, the length of the container, the height of the hook, the thickness of the side and bottom, the number of stiffeners are parameters that can be changed according to the client’s requirements. Our company manufactures containers of any design, including custom-made.

Hurry to buy profitably a container for a multi-lift

     For correct, environmentally friendly construction, enterprises with production with massive volumes of waste: containers for a multi-lift from the manufacturer “RIN LTD” will allow you to strictly comply with sanitary standards, carrying out competent preparation of garbage for subsequent disposal! Make it easy to get rid of building, agricultural debris, snow, wood, scrap metal without additional sawing or crushing. The sufficient volume of the container is designed for accumulative (up to 15 tons) storage and comfortable removal of raw materials by means of a specialized garbage truck.

     The transport closed container for the multilift of 27 m3 is moved by means of the MPR, has a powerful, reliable loop for hooking and can act as a swap body. Thanks to the massive safety catch, the double-leaf door at the front of the product is guaranteed to keep even large amounts of debris in check. The products are manufactured using high quality metal raw materials, and the design and assembly guarantee integrity under maximum loads!

Garbage container multilift: economical, environmentally friendly, high quality

     Do you want to buy a container for a multi-lift to ensure comfortable transportation and move bulky waste to a specialized landfill? RIN LTD produces European-style models that guarantee compliance with the rules for the transportation of this group of goods by using heavy equipment equipped with hook-lifts. The surfaces of each product are carefully primed and painted according to the wishes of the buyer.

     The parameters of the multilift waste container have been carefully calculated by the company’s engineers and guarantee durability and reliability of use. Additional changes are possible in the indicators related to the height of the product, the thickness of the sides, the length, the need for which is announced by the client in advance. The purchase of our products is guaranteed:

  • facilitates the collection, storage and subsequent removal of massive volumes of waste;
  • provides an opportunity to perform timely cleaning of the territory on a regular basis in the presence of special equipment of the appropriate class;
  • will provide your company with reliable, modern, wear-resistant equipment.

     Get rid of waste with European-grade shipping products!

     Did you need to buy a container for a multi-lift with an absolutely democratic cost? Contact “RIN LTD” – a super equipment enterprise!