Контейнеры металлические

If you are looking for where to buy a metal container with a lid, the company “RIN LTD” is ready to offer a lot of different options. At the moment, the manufacture of metal containers is one of the primary activities of the company, so you can be sure of the high quality of products.

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Storage bins (boat bunker)

The storage hopper (boat hopper) ...
Контейнер мультилифт

Multilift containers

Containers are used for the ...
Съемные платформы «Мультилифт»

Detachable platforms

Removable platforms "Multilift" The use ...

What metal containers can be ordered from RIN LTD?

Today it will not be difficult to buy a metal container in Ukraine, it is enough to decide on the type and cost. The enterprise “RIN LTD” offers the following options for metal containers:

  • Closed type multi-lift is a bunker designed for collection and storage of small-sized waste. It is designed in such a way as to best match the parameters of the multilift system.
  • Accumulator (boat) – designed for collection, storage, transportation of industrial bulky waste, construction waste and materials. With large dimensions, it is quite compact and easily loaded onto a garbage truck.
  • Removable platform – used in cases with the transportation of special equipment, vehicles, bulky cargo. You can purchase metal containers for solid waste to order according to individual parameters.
  • Hook-lift container is also used for storage and transportation of various goods by the system, ranging from construction materials to industrial bulky waste.

All products presented in the product catalog must be covered with a protective layer. This adds durability in various atmospheric conditions, prevents the appearance of rust. For such a garbage metal container price depends on the specific type of coating – paint, hot-dip galvanizing, primer, etc.

Why is it profitable to buy a metal container from RIN LTD?

The company has been producing various metal structures for a long time. We are ready to fulfill an order according to individual parameters, with dimensions, height, shape, dimensions and coating that the client chooses.

In addition, you can be sure that Zaporozhye will be able to buy a garbage container at the best cost with the highest quality.