пожарный щит

The company LLC “RIN LTD” provides you with an excellent opportunity to purchase fire-fighting equipment manufactured at our production facilities with an excellent price-quality ratio.

Fully understanding your desire to create the safest and most comfortable conditions for the work of the enterprise, we supply fire-fighting equipment that fully complies with the high requirements of quality and safety.

At our enterprise you can get such fire extinguishing means:

  • fire cabinets (wall-mounted and built-in);
  • fire shields;
  • fire posts;
  • urns, tanks, fire boxes for sand and much more.

The company “RIN LTD” is well aware that one of the most important requirements for the functioning of enterprises, organizations, institutions is compliance with fire safety rules.

Given the current living conditions, preventing the possibility of fire is a priority, which the company “RIN LTD” can easily help you cope.

The proper organization of fire safety is the key to the safety of property, health and life. Therefore, it is so important to pay due attention to this and buy a fire cabinet in Ukraine in accordance with existing standards. Inside this box are placed sets of fire hydrants and additional equipment necessary in case of fire. 

Depending on the location, there are the following types of cabinets:

  • Built-in – are mounted in specially organized wall niches.
  • Mounted – suspended on the walls inside the buildings. 
  • Attached – abut against the floor surface, which is provided by the design.

In addition, custom-made options are available – horizontal, vertical, two- and one-door, which fit as much as possible into the dimensions of the space allocated for them. You can also buy a fire shield in Zaporozhye – the price depends on its design and parameters.

How to order fire cabinets in Zaporozhye?

The company RIN LTD is engaged in the manufacture of metal structures for various purposes and offers to buy a fire shield at the price from the manufacturer with impeccable quality. The main property that boxes should have is, of course, fire resistance. This is necessary so that when a fire occurs, you can reach the shield before the fire. 

Also among the qualities of a fire cabinet:

  • strength;
  • ease of installation and opening;
  • spaciousness;
  • durability.

You can buy fire equipment in Ukraine with solid or glazed doors, as well as without them. If the fire cabinet is designed to store the crane, it has a built-in cassette holding the sleeve in the wound form. Most products are intended for indoor use, where the temperature does not drop below 0 degrees. 

In RIN LTD you can buy a fire cabinet Zaporizhia with a guarantee of its quality and functioning for at least 5 years. Protect yourself by installing equipment that in case of fire will help not only save property, but also your own life. 

Call us at the numbers indicated on the website to find out the details of ordering fire boxes. The information provided will help you choose the appropriate option and make your order.