Съемные платформы «Мультилифт»

Removable platforms “Multilift”

The use of special equipment is quite common in many areas of activity. Despite the high cost, it pays off quickly and with interest due to increased productivity and acceleration of many production processes. Removable platforms for transportation are one of the most demanded technical means today – such products are offered by RIN LTD.

In order to easily transport various goods, vehicles, garbage, waste and even small vans, at home, special equipment must be equipped with a multi-lift system. This mechanism allows loading and unloading without the involvement of extraneous tools such as hook and hydraulic force. For maximum efficiency, a removable platform for transporting cars is used – you can buy a suitable design on order from the manufacturer.

Reliability and durability of removable platforms for transportation from “RIN LTD”

LLC “RIN LTD” is an enterprise that manufactures various metal structures. In our assortment there are also metal platforms multi-lift – Ukraine can buy a variety of products in terms of size, characteristics, cost.

The effectiveness of products from the manufacturer is as high as possible. At each stage of production, the products undergo the strictest quality control. Therefore, we can guarantee the reliability, strength, durability of structures.

At the same time, the products of the RIN LTD company are distinguished by loyal prices. There is no need to overpay for imported products, when the production of custom-made multilift platforms in Ukraine will cost much less and will be performed with no less quality.

All products are resistant to corrosion, precipitation, temperature extremes thanks to a special coating. Therefore, the platforms can be safely operated in the most difficult weather conditions. With regard to dimensions, this issue is always agreed with the client. We can manufacture both standard and specific products according to customer’s drawings. Our detachable platform with a multi-lift system will withstand any load.