Monoblock – it is a mobile and compact unit used for storage, transportation and centralized distribution of large volumes of industrial gases (oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, etc.). Consists of a certain number of cylinders (4,6,8,12 local), fixed in a frame metal container. 

Construction, medical, food and many other areas of management, including household needs, involve the use of technical and cooking gas in mobile containers. Since the movement of these objects requires the strictest adherence to fire safety measures and sanitary standards, RIN LTD offers to buy metal containers for the transportation of gas cylinders of its own design. These products may be of interest to both companies that sell and deliver compressed gases, as well as carriers or private individuals.

Do you need an absolute guarantee of the safety of each cylinder, protection against theft, simplified delivery and easy unloading? When reliable transportation of gas cylinders is needed, Ukraine recommends purchasing RIN LTD products! Unique designs from our team allow us to guarantee the integrity of the containers, the ability to use, depending on the type of container, loaders or a crane for installation on a vehicle platform and unloading. In addition, each product provides for a convenient ramp for more convenience in placing the container in the container. Call and order!

Transportation of gas cylinders Ukraine chooses safety!

As one of the most comfortable constructive solutions for transportation, customers of our site prefer to buy metal monoblocks of gas cylinders. This type of structures assumes loading options from four to 12 units of movable objects. Moreover, each container is reliably isolated in its own compartment, which excludes shocks, deformations and emergency situations with the leakage of hazardous substances. In the manufacture, only high-grade raw materials and the most high-tech coating methods are used.

Zaporozhye recommends our products to those planning to buy gas monoblocks , since only models designed by the company’s designers have the following advantages:

  • 100% cargo safety;
  • permanent access for maintenance;
  • simplicity of loading and unloading procedures;
  • economy and high efficiency of transportation;
  • absolute safety at all stages – from loading to connection!

Inexpensive to buy monoblocks for gas cylinders Zaporozhye trusts the products of LLC RIN LTD: safe, profitable, highly efficient!

Benefits in using monoblock:

  • guarantee of safety of assembly units, cylinders. The cylinders are enclosed in a rigid non-detachable frame, their damage, damage or theft is excluded;
  • simplification of balloon fleet management, repair, recertification, etc.;
  • simplification and facilitation of loading and unloading operations;
  • increased efficiency when transporting compressed gases;
  • increased safety during transportation and use of compressed gases;
  • reduction of downtime, and consequently an increase in the efficiency of plants consuming compressed gases and much more.

Our company carries out the production of metal frames “monoblocks” according to individual customer sizes, paying great attention to the quality of the products obtained, within the agreed time frame.

Coating types: hot-dip galvanized, primer, enamel, powder paint, uncoated.