Кабельные лотки лестничного типа

     Ladder-type trays are used for laying power and control cables in the open air, inside buildings and structures. The sections of the trays of the horizontal track should be interconnected by entering one into the other and fixing by means of a bolted connection. Fastening to the supporting structures must be carried out using a bolted connection. The main characteristics and designations of the trays are presented in the table 1.

Table 1 – Ladder trays

Tray designation Sizes, mm Description
Width, mm Length, mm Useful length, mm
1 2 3 4 5
NL-10 100 2000 1905  
NL-20 180 2000 1905 Pan elements welded joint. Coating – primer, PF enamel.
NL-30 300 2000 1905
NL-40 400 2000 1905
NL-К-20 180 2000 1905 The connection of the elements of the tray is riveted. Galvanized sheet.
NL-К-30 300 2000 1905
NL-К-40 400 2000 1905

     By agreement with the customer, NL trays can be equipped with turns, contractions, branches and swivel joints for turning the trunk in a vertical plane. It is allowed to change the coating of trays and workpiece materials in agreement with the customer.

NL LTD ladder-type trays are designed for fast and safe laying of high-voltage cables. Design features ensure the fulfillment of tasks in the most adverse conditions, have a colossal life. Thanks to the free flow of air masses, efficient heat dissipation and passive cooling of the internal contents are ensured. 

Would you like to order a metal ladder-type tray for laying complex cable systems with a non-standard cable arrangement? An ideal choice, because any branching, turning is easy and safe using side profiles and trims, while the perforation of the elements allows you to quickly fix any additional accessories! Our models are made of steel, which is qualitatively protected from external influences: reliability, durability, quality!

NL ladder trays: objective benefit!

Large building organizations prefer to buy cable trays of the ladder type, carrying out the elite construction of office centers, modern residential areas, industrial facilities requiring the highest level of security. RIN LTD engineers produce equipment that strictly complies with the regulatory requirements for laying power systems, treated with a coating that does not allow the occurrence of deformations and corrosion, and implemented by the “hot” method. The absence of welding joints makes it impossible to damage the elements under loads, which guarantees the safe use of structures in places of significant crowding!

Cable tray ladder type NL is quickly mounted, does not have significant mass, while high loads do not cause loss of product properties. Our products:

  • provide natural ventilation;
  • do not interfere with repair of damaged cable sections;
  • due to the simplicity of connections, installation does not require lengthy preparation and installation procedures;
  • structures as rigid as possible with a total light weight;
  • special methods of galvanizing component structures guarantee their long-term integrity.

In difficult conditions, with any surface we guarantee quality!

Trays of ladder type NL: modern and inexpensive

Hurry up to purchase cable ladders of a cable type whose price is much more affordable at RIN LTD, and the quality characteristics – an unrivaled level of reliability, safety and durability! Call the operators soon!