Станок плазменной резки металла с ЧПУ

Plasma cutting of metal

One of the most affordable, inexpensive, and yet effective metal processing methods is plasma cutting. This is a highly accurate, operational method with a ton of features. One of the most significant advantages of processing is the cost. Hard to believe, but quite inexpensive plasma cutting of metal – price You will find the exact price on the pages of the RIN Ltd website.

We have counted thousands of parts manufactured according to this principle, which are distinguished by their accuracy, perfectly even surface, and full compliance with customer requirements. That is why it is worth trusting specialists and order plasma cutting of metal – price will appeal to wholesale customers and private customers.

What is plasma cutting?

The procedure is based on processing a metal surface with a plasma jet, not a cutter. Temperature under pressure can reach 30 thousand degrees Celsius – manually achieving such results is absolutely unrealistic.

Among the listed advantages of the option, the following can be distinguished:

    • incredible accuracy of execution;
    • the ability to work with complex contours;
    • process automation is the key to high speed;
    • the range of metals allowed for cutting is wide enough;
    • record low cost.

Cutting with plasma at RIN LTD – promptly, reliably, efficiently

Simple cutting metal with plasma carried out by RIN Ltd as soon as possible. We know firsthand what a valuable resource is time, and do not waste it. By ordering a plasma cutting service, you are guaranteed to get what you expected, regardless of requirements.

Our specialists carry out the following list of tasks:

        • work with stainless steel;
        • high-quality metal;
        • pipes;
        • sheet metal;
        • contour cutting.

Reliability metal plasma cutting services (Zaporozhye) no doubt. The equipment on which the procedure is carried out works flawlessly, according to clearly defined criteria. You have all the guarantees to receive high-quality parts on time. This is the main reason to order plasma cutting of metal in the company “RIN Ltd”.

The size of the processed surface is 2000х6000 mm. The thickness of the processed metal is up to 160 mm.
To calculate the cost of your request, you must provide a drawing in the format *dxf.
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