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Metal Cabinets and Enclosures

The company “RIN Ltd” will produce various metal cabinets and cases according to individual parameters of the customer. This is a laborious and complex process that requires a professional approach. It is not enough just to bend the metal workpiece at a right angle. The result of the work should be a technologically advanced three-dimensional assembly with internal partitions, profile grooves, holes, internal, external fasteners, as well as other design features, depending on the purpose of the item.

The production uses steel, stainless sheets, aluminum – materials that are not susceptible to corrosion, so custom metal enclosures can be used, including in places with high humidity.

How are metal housings for welding machines manufactured?

The enterprise “RIN Ltd” has more than 20 years of experience in the production of metal products for all kinds of needs. Our specialists in the design department have developed an impressive number of design solutions for the manufacture of cases for network equipment, printed circuit boards, server boards, sound amplifiers, stabilizers, fire alarm electronics, payment terminals, boilers, etc. And our production of metal boxes Zaporizhia appreciated a long time ago, which will be proved by numerous diplomas from various exhibitions.

We carry out a full range of technical works onmetal cases (Ukraine), among which:

  • Design – development and creation of a preliminary model of the body.
  • Cutting metal – using laser equipment.
  • Stamping – giving the material the necessary shape, cutting, punching, as well as affixing markers.
  • Welding – during which the body takes on the correct shape.
  • Coating – powder coating, plating.

If necessary, at any stage of the work, it is possible to make changes – it is enough for the customer to voice the proposal and our developers will immediately take it into account. At the request of the client, we will design metal housings for stabilizers voltages of various levels of complexity, design in accordance with all existing standards.

A well-made case performs not only the direct function of protecting the equipment hidden in it, but also does not spoil the appearance of the room. Ordinary and non-standard metal structures – a reliable shelter for complex electronics, dangerous for the average person.

Cases modular distribution wholesale from “RIN Ltd”

The enterprise “RIN Ltd” has been engaged in the production of various metal structures for many years. During its existence, we have gained invaluable experience, skills that we continue to use to this day, adding modern knowledge of technologies and processes. Our metal cases for welding machines are of excellent quality, strength, durability, resistance to various external influences.

The cost of our products is loyal and democratic. Products come directly from the manufacturer, so the terms of cooperation are beneficial and transparent. If you want to purchase a certain quantity of goods, it is enough to contact the company manager at the phones indicated on the website and discuss the conditions of a future transaction.

Different types, forms, configurations of metal boxes are used in different industries – RIN Ltd will producemetal cases on order (Zaporizhia) in accordance with requests, drawings, wishes of the client.

Metal cases, Ukraine


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