Robotization is the way to optimize welding processes, both in small batch and mass production, robotization allows you to optimize the main and auxiliary operations.
     Welding Robotics reduces the dependence of production on the qualifications of welders and stabilizes the high quality of welds, increases the production of parts.
Not a single qualified and experienced welder can ensure the stable quality of welds along a complex path, as this will be done by a robot, and one robot can replace the work of five people.

Промышленные роботы в сварочном производстве Сварка роботами Запорожье Украина

     Industrial robots in the welding industry are widely used. The characteristic areas of application of robots in welding, allowing you to use all their advantages, include:
– mass production;
– small and medium batch production (in conditions of frequent changes in the range of products) – welding of similar products (when changing products, you can use the same robot, changing only its program);
– the implementation of seams of any shape, as well as a large number of short seams, variously located in space.
     The production process of any type of product today is difficult to imagine without the use of industrial robots. Their versatility, manufacturing flexibility and wide technological capabilities make them an indispensable tool in modern production. Currently, ever-increasing demands for increasing productivity, improving product quality, saving materials and energy, as well as developing new technologies and materials, lead to the creation and improvement of universal robotic systems and the expansion of their application.