Закладные изделия, анкерные узлы, осветительные кронштейны

Inserts, anchor nodes, lighting brackets

The company LLC “RIN LTD” manufactures reinforcing and embedded products to order as soon as possible. They are metal plates of sufficiently large thickness, having different shapes and sizes. Embedded elements are used to connect metal and concrete parts of the structure. Reinforcement is also welded to the embedded products, also manufactured in our production.

Also in stock you can find anchor support mount – buy Ukraine This device is preferred as a mounting material for racks, masts, various supports and building structures designed for the convenience of work. Both units and embedded products can be manufactured already according to ready-made sketches from the customer or by self-development of drawings by our specialists. Depending on the preferred option, the cost of finished products will also vary.

The next line of business – brackets for custom lighting poles, which are a mandatory part of the design of street lights. They perform a supporting, fixing function, contributing to high-quality and reliable fastening of lighting devices. Headbanders are single, double and triple-horned.

Why is it worth ordering embedded products and lighting brackets at RIN LTD?

The production of metal structures is a responsible process, requiring compliance with many nuances. If you want to get really high-quality products that will become part of massive, durable structures, contact a trusted specialist.

Production of fasteners, production of embedded products (Zaporizhia) The highest quality is the task of RIN LTD. Thousands of customers across Ukraine successfully use our products, collecting strong, reliable, wear-resistant structures with the inclusion of metal parts.

We are responsible for the quality of products, therefore, fittings, components, bracket lighting to buy Zaporizhia can with confidence in their functional suitability for further operation. The cost of products is discussed individually. Call now to get a competent consultation of a specialist of RIN LTD.

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