контейнеры для тбо

The main direction in the production of metal containers of ООО LLC “RIN LTD”, is the production of containers for solid waste, garbage cans. There are two main types of containers for solid waste: 0.75 cubic meters. and 1.1 cubic meters. Along with them, mesh containers for PET containers with a volume of 1.1 cubic meters are manufactured.

Any area of activity of a modern person is accompanied by the accumulation of garbage. Residential complexes, production, entertainment – to maintain order and comply with sanitary standards, service companies consider it necessary to buy high quality metal containers for solid waste. Capacious, durable, maximally protected from corrosion processes and convenient when interacting with specialized equipment: RIN LTD manufactures a wide range of containers for waste with increased reliability, with modern quality characteristics.

To meet the needs of the residential and industrial sectors, Zaporozhye recommends buying containers for solid waste by contacting the managers of our company! Standard design or made taking into account individual sketches and customer needs, variability of types of finished product coverage, design, but most importantly: perfect quality of order execution with absolute absence of defects. We are trusted by both companies specializing in waste disposal and many industrial enterprises, retail chains, and catering. Reliability, durability, price flexibility: for rational customers!

The cost of a container for solid waste in Ukraine is available!


Timely, competent waste disposal is a guarantee of the ideal sanitary state of the environment and ensuring the comfort of human life. Global tendencies for a more responsible attitude towards sorting and processing are gradually becoming a trend in a civilized society! Do you need to order containers of solid waste in Ukraine for plastic products, “solid” waste? Our designers have created specialized containers of various sizes and designs that can meet the needs of a modern city.

Those wishing to buy a metal container for solid waste are guaranteed:

  • impeccable quality of execution of ordered products on time;
  • ensuring that products comply with specifications due to the use by the manufacturer in the production process of high-quality raw materials, high-tech equipment and the latest methods of reliable processing of finished models;
  • full compliance with sanitary control instructions;
  • flexible approach to design according to the wishes of the buyer.

Cooperation with RIN LTD guarantees the most affordable cost of a container for solid waste in Ukraine due to ultra-modern methods of organizing production, interaction with raw material suppliers, the introduction of the latest equipment and maximum automation. Become our customer!

It is possible to manufacture containers to order: according to drawings or on the basis of the customer’s specifications.

All metal structures manufactured at our enterprise can be supplied with various types of coating: hot-dip galvanized, primed, paint, uncoated.

Containers of solid waste, tanks of our production are of good quality, due to the observance of production technology. And thanks to the presence of a permanent client base, we have large production volumes, which, accordingly, positively affects the formation of a low cost of our containers.

Our containers of solid waste, due to the excellent combination of “price – quality”, are in demand not only in Ukraine, but also far beyond its borders.