Ограждение 11МО

One-sided and two- sided metal bridge fences of the barrier type of groups  11МО, 11МД installed on bridges and overpasses.

The components of bridge fencing of groups 11МО, 11МD:

  1. – Beam section, BS-1
  2. – Bridge stance, BS, h=750мм
  3. – Bridge stand on the base, BSB, h=600мм
  4. – Shock absorber, SА
  5. – Communication diagonal pavement, СDP
  6. – Retroreflective element, RE
  7. – Bolt M16 GOST 7802
  8. – Bolt M16 GOST 7805
  9. – Nut М16 GOST 5915
  10. – Washer 16 GOST 11371

Bridge fence 11MO from the manufacturer “RIN LTD” – effective, reliable products to prevent the grave consequences of emergencies that occur in places of increased danger. Our equipment prevents the fall of vehicles, dampens the intensity of the impact due to the high amortization parameters of the material used, and performs warning functions for drivers about the site of increased attention and danger in front. Only high-quality barriers will ensure absolute traffic safety!

Barrier fence 11MD, 11MO has a high-quality, non-deforming and rust- resistant coating that reliably preserves product elements for a long period. We offer the best models, standardized according to European standards for the safe movement of vehicles! Fully equipped, from struts and retroreflectors to high-strength bolts: driving safety will be on top. Call Online Consultants!

11MO Bridge Guard: necessary element of the road

11MO Bridge Barrier provides a perfect driving order for motorists overcoming bridges. Exceptional build quality, innovative production technologies for the raw materials used, accurate engineering calculations of the parameters of the finished models are guaranteed by the professionalism of RIN LTD specialists! Even in extremely dangerous situations, our facilities will preserve the health and property of not only the participants in the movement, but also the person who caused the accident.

Fully compliant with standards EN, bridge fence 11МО Recommended for purchase by services that ensure road conditions comply with safety requirements. Our products are guaranteed:

  • durable and able to withstand the most powerful effects;
  • effectively prevents the car from crossing the barrier;
  • does not have elements capable of getting into the car interior and causing injuries;
  • has a complex of retroreflective equipment;
  • thanks to innovative methods of processing structures, it is not affected by season changes, atmospheric phenomena, temperature extremes;
  • differs in simplicity and faultless reliability in assembly.

Even the most dangerous sections of the road will become comfortable and inspire confidence with our facilities!

Bridge barrier 11МО: safety comes first!

Prevent emergencies in advance! The best buy a fence 11MD with low budget costs offers “RIN LTD”, call!