Просечно-вытяжной лист ПВЛ

Raised Expanded Metal sheet production

Sheet Size Short Way 500 – 1250 mm;
Sheet Size Long Way 1500 – 3500 mm
Strand Thickness 3 – 6 mm;
Strand Width – 6, 8, 10 mm;
Long Way Mesh (LWM) – 90 mm.
Short Way Mesh (SWM) – 27 mm.

+380 50-457-87-73 Zaporozhye (Ukraine)
production and sale expanded metal

For manufacturing Steel Raised Expanded Metal, sheet steel is used GOST 14637-89, DSTU 2834-94, GOST 9045-93, GOST 19281.
The raw material for the production of expanded metal sheet is a hot dimensional and non-dimensional sheet.

Price and geography of supply of Raised expanded metal sheet


The price of the Raised expanded meyal sheet and the terms of delivery are determined at the time of the conclusion of the contract. Our price corresponds to quality. For price, defect and quality, see the link below.
Expanded metal sheet delivery can be carried out by all types of transport. In our warehouse we will load from above or from the side.

We also sell Raised Expanded metal sheet and grating to neighboring countries using the code 7314500000: Moldova, Belarus, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Poland, Germany, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Latvia, Estonia, Russia.
In 2 days we draw up all customs documents, issue a certificate of origin of goods CT-1.

Why is it worth ordering an expanded metal sheet in “RIN LTD”?

“RIN LTD” is a factory for the production of complex metal structures and products.

Since 1993, we have been able to create in Zaporozhye (Ukraine) a huge production site with modern equipment, high-class specialists. This allows you to order and buy a high-quality expanded metal sheet in the shortest possible time.

Another reason why it is worth ordering a expanded sheet is the adequate price. Thanks to wholesale purchases of sheet blanks, own production, lack of mediation services, the price of a cut sheet remains the most affordable in the Ukrainian market. You can be convinced of it, having got acquainted with the prices of other enterprises.

A most of part of competitors produces a expanded metal sheet of standard sizes of 1×2 m and 1.25×2.5 m. But everyone needs different and there is a lot of waste left if you need to customize the sheet for a specific design. The most popular use of perforated sheet is industrial walkways and stairs. Passages have a width of 0.7-0.8 m and almost always correspond to standard doorways. If you use standard sheet sizes, then it is not convenient to cut it later 0.7-0.8 m. We specialize in manufacturing expanded metal sheets for the needs of the customer.

Raised Expanded Metal Characteristics

Title Strand Thickness, mm Strand Width (Б), mm Long Way Mesh (В), mm product thickness (S), мм weight 1 m2, kg
306 3 6 90 12 12,9
308 3 8 90 14 14,6
310 3 10 90 16 15,6
406 4 6 90 13 15,7
408 4 8 90 16 19,2
410 4 10 90 18 25,6
506 5 6 90 13 17,1
508 5 8 90 16 21,8
510 5 10 90 20 24,5
608 6 8 90 16 24,1
610 6 10 90 20 30,1

Production and Standards

«RIN LTD» produces Raised expanded metal according to its own specifications У 27.1-13625948-002:2006.

The cells of the expanded metal sheet are located along the direction of the sheet forwarding (blank). The size of a cell in the light is not regulated, but as reference data, we give indicative dimensions.

Strand Width (Б) 4 мм – open area 67-69 %.
Strand Width (Б) 6 мм – open area 51-53%.
Strand Width (Б) 8 мм – open area 40-42 %.
Strand Width (Б) 10 мм – open area 30-33 %.

The maximum deviations of the dimensions of the expanded metal sheet do not exceed:

  • Sheet Size Short Way (Т) ±10% ,
  • Sheet Size Long Way (L) ±10%,
  • distension (A) ±10%,
  • Strand Width – knife cutting step (Б) ±15%,
  • Longway pitch (В) ±2%,
  • sheet thickness (S) ±2,5мм,
  • Strand Thickness – workpiece thickness (б) ±0,2мм,
  • the cutoff angle of the sheets must not exceed 5 mm at 1 m of the edge;
  • expanded metal sheet should not have stress cracks, tears, waviness and sharp bends longer than 2 mm.
  • expanded metal sheet should not have burrs, notches more than 2 mm thick.
  • Crescent of the side edge of the sheet not more than 10 mm to 1000 mm in length,
  • Deviation from the perpendicularity of the front (in the direction of the feed) edge of the sheet with respect to its lateral edge is not more than 50 mm by 1000 mm wide,
  • At one end of the expanded metal, a non-perforated part 250 mm long is allowed along the entire width of the sheet.

Expanded sheets & grating are tied in bundles. Weight of the kidney is not more than 5 tons.

Galvanized expanded sheets, grating

We can offer galvanized expanded metal. The hot zinc immersion method guarantees durability and corrosion resistance for more than 50 years in a normal environment.
Density of zinc on the surface from 320 g / m2 (70 microns).

Galvanized expanded metal is used in shipbuilding, in cars and structures that come in contact with moisture or marine air. Galvanized expanded metal is also used at production sites, chemical plants, where there is aggressive medium, ammonia vapor and other compounds that cause metal to rapid aging.

The price of galvanized expanded metal is 1.6-2 times higher than the price of a conventional metal sheet without coating. Then the service life grows many times and there is no need to paint it. You only need to paint the weld points, because there zinc burns out.

Application of a sheet of expanded

The surface of the expanded metal is cellular, corrugated, due to which it prevents slipping. Through the openings of the sheet dirt, snow, sand and other contaminants freely pass, so it does not need constant manual cleaning. The expanded metal sheet provides excellent air permeability, light and water permeability, and is characterized by high stiffness indicators, which makes it an ideal option for flooring and fencing.

Expanded metal sheet is used for manufacturing:

  • crates packaging;
  • steps of flight stairs, flooring;
  • light scattering fences;
  • for work in shafts;
  • reinforcement for plaster.

Also, with the help of a Expanded metal sheet, sieving of crushed rocks, closing of ventilation and inspection windows in various machines, agricultural machines is carried out.

How to measure the basic parameters of a sheet

Strand Width – Knife cutting step in this case 6 мм

Raised Expanded metal sheet

Long way Mesh (LWM ) – 90 мм.

Raised Expanded metal grating


Short Way Mesh (SWM) – 27 mm.

ПВЛ короткая сторона ячейки


Strand Thickness in this case is 4 mm.

Raised expanded metal sheet grating workpiece thickness

A pack of 20 Expanded metal sheets

pack of 20 Expanded metal sheets