Prosechno-vytyazhnoy list

Expanded metal quality

What can you expect from a simple product such as PVL sheet? How can it be spoiled during production? In Ukraine there is a monopolist company that does not disdain the sale of low-quality expanded metal sheets. There the conversation is short: “Do not like it? Take it more expensive elsewhere.” They will not produce a sheet of PVL according to the size of the customer. And you can buy only a cut-out with standard dimensions of 1×2 m, 1,25×2 m, 1×2,5 m. The price for such a PVL is the lowest in Ukraine. But what can a customer get for that price? This is a lottery. An expanded sheet of declared quality according to the technical specifications of the plant may come. And packs of frank marriage can come.

What is the competition like: Laminated metal. When during production under mechanical stress, the sheet delaminates in thickness. Torn edges. After the customer gets rid of the torn sections, it turns out that the size is already smaller and will not fit the desired design. Sheet thickness. In the pack from the bottom and top there can be a sheet of the agreed thickness, for example 4 mm + – 0,2. And in the middle of the pack, sheets are 3,2-3,5 mm thick. Important! It is not a marriage of slightly rusty metal, without shells.

At RIN LTD, the price corresponds to quality, and the quality is regulated by our Technical Conditions. We value our reputation, therefore, we sell expanded metal sheets that have passed quality control. In any case, we are open to discussion if a defect suddenly occurs at the factory. Do not chase the low price and try not to buy expanded metal sheets from merchants. Because metal depots and trading companies do not see what they are buying and reselling. PVL is not delivered to them at the warehouse and does not pass quality control. Often they sell expanded metal right from the monopolist’s factory.

RIN LTD is also a plant, but here they monitor the reputation and respect each customer. Therefore, since 1993, we have our regular customers expanded metal sheet. And the fact that we sell PVL for export to neighboring countries is an additional confirmation of its high quality.